Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Something To Help Me Understand

Tonight my heart and thoughts are with Brynn Woods and her family.

I really can't comprehend why a child would be cursed with such a cruel form of cancer. She's only four years old and has been battling for a full quarter of her young life.

Every adult I know would give anything to help a child, and yet every one of us is completely helpless in a situtation such as this. Doctors and pastors, the "go to" guys, seem to be helpless as well.

Just looking for a little something to provide me a bit of understanding.

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  1. Johnathon, Brynn is my beautiful grand daughter and it's called Faith in God! He doesn't make mistakes. All of us at the time we are born already have a time to die and it will not happen a minute faster or a second later than what God has set for each of us. I know Brynn went through alot of bad times but her Faith in God is a blessing. And I am very proud even though we are all hurting now that God blessed me with her. Brynn will always be in my heart till I meet her again when my time here is done.