Saturday, August 15, 2009

Strategy | Goals | Results

To make more money.
To have more customers.
To be the biggest company in my industry.

Ask someone about his goals and those are answers that you are likely to get. Truth of the matter is, these aren’t goals – they are results! Maybe it's just mere semantics to some, but to me there is a very distinctive difference between the two. If you want more customers, your goal should be to create the very best product in your industry – they will beat your doors down. If you want to make more money then provide your clients with exceptional service and they’ll happily pay you for it.

Achieving results like those listed at the top of the page is no accident; they are the fruits of a sound strategy and specific goals. And while the goal remains the central element of the process, defining a strategy is the key that makes it all possible; otherwise there is no map to success. In my mind, it looks something like this:

Strategy, Goals, Results

This isn’t a new or radical concept, yet I encounter people time after time who are hoping for magical results without a strategy and goal. Don’t be one of those.


  1. I'd like to see you apply the principles listed above in a triathlon.


  2. Triathalon?!?! Yeah, they'd work there too. I see applications for sports, school, work, relationships, anything!